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The hazards of severe corrosion of American standard globe valves

    The American standard globe valve is a forced-sealing valve, and pressure must be applied when it is closed. Its simple structure, small working stroke and good sealing effect have attracted the attention of many enterprises. In the use of many valves, one of the causes of valve failure is corrosion.

    When the American standard globe valve is at the groundwater level, the water level is too high, which will cause severe corrosion. Generally, the consequences of the American standard globe valve are as follows:

    1. It is not easy to disassemble when repairing the American standard globe valve, which will affect the construction progress and slow down the work efficiency.

    2. When disassembling the American standard globe valve, the nut will fail due to severe corrosion.

    3. Corrosion will cause premature failure of the American standard stop valve, which will greatly shorten the life of the entire structure and the safety of the valve.

    Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in the corrosion resistance of the American standard stop valve. At present, some manufacturers usually use butter and other methods to protect the valve. The effect of this method is not very satisfactory. Instead, commercial sealants are used to fill the flanges. In the gap, the entire American standard globe valve is wrapped by non-hydrophobic mineral oil and wax, which can effectively prevent corrosion of the valve.

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