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American standard gate valve model representation method

     Because the American standard gate valve appeared earlier and has a wider range of applications, its classification can be one of more gate valves. When purchasing and using American standard gate valves, users will always think about whether its model can correspond to the current working conditions. There are various ways to distinguish the model of the American standard gate valve. This issue mainly introduces the actuator as the basis for dividing the American standard gate valve model.

     Introduction to the characteristics of low temperature American standard gate valve

     According to the drive source, the actuators of the American standard gate valve can be divided into hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, manual, etc., which also derived a variety of American standard gate valves with the same drive source but different materials. However, because American standard gate valves usually only use a single drive source as an actuator at a time, it is generally acceptable for the American standard gate valve to divide the type based on the actuator.

     With the development of technology, American standard gate valve manufacturers have developed gate valves of different materials and processes under the same driving source. In other words, although it is acceptable to use actuators to distinguish American standard gate valves, it is no longer accurate.

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