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Selection principle of American standard globe valve model

The American standard globe valve refers to a valve whose closing part (disc) moves along the center line of the valve seat. This type of valve is often used for throttling flow control because the opening or closing stroke of the valve stem of this type of valve is relatively short , And has a very reliable cut-off function, so it is very suitable for frequent circulation and flow control of any position of the volume between the open and closed positions.

    The selection principle of American standard globe valve model is:

    1. American standard flanged globe valves should be used on pipelines or devices for high temperature and high pressure media. Such as thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, high temperature and high pressure pipelines of petrochemical systems.

    2. On pipelines that do not require strict convection resistance. That is, where the pressure loss is not considered.

    3. There are flow control or pressure adjustment, but the adjustment accuracy is not high, and the pipe diameter is relatively small, such as the nominal passage less than or equal to 50 mm, should be selected.

    4. In the desiliconization workshop of the alumina Bayer process and the pipelines that are prone to coking, it is easy to choose the DC type American standard stop valve with separate valve body, removable valve seat, and cemented carbide seal pair.

    5. For water supply and heating projects in urban construction, the nominal passage through smaller pipelines can be selected from the American standard flange stop valve, balance valve or plunger valve, such as the nominal passage through less than 150 mm pipeline.

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