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Structural length and characteristics of American standard gate valve

    The American standard gate valve plays a role in cutting off or connecting the medium in the pipeline. It can perform good operations on the pipelines of thermal power plants, petroleum, chemical and other working conditions at a temperature of -29℃~600℃. The medium can be oil, Water, steam, etc. The structural length and characteristics of the American standard gate valve mainly have the following points:

    1. The American standard gate valve meets the requirements of domestic and foreign advanced technology production standards, with good sealing performance and beautiful appearance.

    Commonly used non-metal seat materials for American standard gate valves

    2. The structure adopted by the gate valve is a wedge elastic gate structure and a rolling bearing with medium and large diameters, which has the advantages of low friction and easy opening and closing.

    3. The sealing surface of the gate and the valve seat is made of Stellite cobalt-based hard alloy surfacing or iron-based alloy surfacing, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and long service life.

    4. After quenching and tempering and surface nitriding treatment, the stem of American standard gate valve has strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

    5. It can use various piping flange standards and flange sealing surface types to meet various engineering needs and user requirements.

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